MODA CHROMA S.A. is a highly specialised manufacturer of artificial leather made according to the strictest specifications. Capable of meeting the most demanding requirements, the company disposes of the latest machinery and is technically supported by a very well-equipped laboratory. Confident that the use of tomorrow’s technology today will lead to success, only the newest-developed materials are used, along with the most advanced manufacturing techniques and processes. Commited to the idea of working together with our customers, an experienced team of dedicated professionals provide fine products for the shoe, garment, upholstery and purse, as well as a variety of specialities.

Through our expertise, faux leather can be boosted with additional properties such as IR reflectivity, UV, humidity, FR, chemical, mechanical, colour, stain, fungi-bacterial resistance etc, that make it suitable for specific applications.

More details about our products and their applications can be found on Our Products page.